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List Of Reviews

By: Hameed Madwar on Intercept Roofing 


I’m a second home owner and I know what a good service means. Daniel came to my house for an inspection. Things that I noticed and that matters to me as a customer are honesty, quality, and customer service. Daniel has all these good values and always on the customer’s side. One thing that Stunned out that they didn’t try to upsell, and their inspection was really high quality service. I highly recommend Intercept Roofing for any roof or gutter-related matters such as inspection, repairs, or roof installation. Give them a call, that’s all what it takes to know them better.

By: Diana Yates Carter on Intercept Roofing 

I highly recommend Intercept Roofing! Their customer service is outstanding! Attention to details and making sure they were part of each step with a speedy initial visit and making sure they were available to go through the findings with the insurance adjustor! I am so thrilled to have a high quality roof with such outstanding support!! Give them a call!

By: Anuj Aryal on Intercept Roofing 

We called to get a roofing inspection, they came out the same day. They did not try to up-sell us at all and didn't even charge us for the roof inspection despite us not even needing a new roof. They used a drone, climbed up on the roof, and also explained all of the pictures that they took so we could understand the problems with a metal roof we had installed. We really appreciate their honesty, quick response, and them taking the time to talk with us.

By: Hameed Madwar on Intercept Roofing 

This is one of the reviews that I enjoy writing. I love supporting and working with local and honest businesses who have good values. Daniel didn’t try to up sell, he is very honest, and he explained very clearly what our roof situation is. This is a roof company that I trust to do any roof repairs or installation, I will definitely recommend Intercept Roofing to family and friends or anyone reading this review. Thank you Daniel for your providing high quality service.

By: James Jeffers on Intercept Roofing 

Daniel from Intercept Roofing came out to my house shortly after I called him. I had a shingle missing on my roof, and I was worried that more would be missing or my roof would need to be replaced. He did not try to sell me on anything very costly at all. He was very honest about the condition of my roof and reassured me that my roof was fine for the time being after climbing to the top of it. Daniel was a very straightforward guy and very professional. He informed me of all my options with no pressure at all. I will be looking forward to using Intercept Roofing in the future.

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