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The Roofing Process

Of all major home improvements, installing new roofing is probably the most important one. Though a new roof doesn’t sound exciting, you’ll understand its significance when an old roof fails, allowing water to get inside of your home, from the attic, through the expensive remodeled kitchen, to the living room. Fewer home problems can cause as much destruction as a failed roof. Roof replacement must be taken seriously, and it mustn’t be delayed. When you see that your roof is near the end of its life, check out these basics before looking for roofing contractors.



Installing a new roof is a difficult process and one that can come with many issues. As a INTERCEPT ROOFING NASHVILLE ROOFING CONTRACTOR, our job throughout the whole project is to keep open communication. Here are a few steps of the re-roofing process to help answer your questions and ease your mind.



On the day we start roofing your house, all materials will be brought to your home by INTERCEPT ROOFING NASHVILLE ROOFING CONTRACTOR experts. They will put the roofing materials next to your driveway, along with shingles for your new roof. Then, they will begin removing your existing roof down to the plywood. When we replace your roof, we make sure to remove all felt paper and old shingles in order to give your new roof a clean and solid foundation. If we find that some of your plywood is damaged or rotten, INTERCEPT ROOFING lwill make sure to replace it with new plywood.



When INTERCEPT ROOFING NASHVILLE ROOFING CONTRACTOR have removed the old roof and replaced the plywood, next, we install synthetic underlayment. We install water and ice shields in the valleys to provide extra protection against harsh weather elements. Since chimneys on a roof tend to leak, we’ll install water and ice shields around these areas for added protection to prevent future problems. As an added measure of prevention, we dry the whole roof before installing new shingles.



Once we have repaired the underlying plywood and replaced, dried, and secured the roofing felt, INTERCEPT ROOFING NASHVILLE ROOFING CONTRACTOR will start installing the roofing shingles you’ve chosen. After the installation process is done, we will go back to paint all of your roofing pipes and vents to match the color of the shingles. Painting these items blends them in with your new roof, giving it an even better look.



Once our work is done, and your roof is finished, INTERCEPT ROOFING NASHVILLE ROOFING CONTRACTOR do a final inspection of your whole property for any fallen shingles, nails, or trash. A nail magnet is moved around the outer edges of your house and driveway to find and pick up stray nails and other metal items that might damage your car’s tires or cause harm to any of your household members.  

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